From visa overstayer to green card holder

Fatima from Senegal had overstayed her visitor visa in 1992 because she had fallen in love.  When Fatima’s daughter, born in the U.S., finally turned 21, she was able to file an I-130 petition on behalf of her mom.

Because Fatima had entered the country legally, it was through the suggestion of Bagia & Associates, that Fatima decided to file not only the I-130 petition but her adjustment of status application along with it to save time.  Once the adjustment of status interview notice came in the mail, Fatima became very nervous.  Kim Keenen, the paralegal working on the case at the time, and Stephen Antwine, the attorney on the case, both to reassure Fatima.

First, Kim Keenen made sure to explain to Fatima over the phone that her daughter would have to be present during the interview and may be asked a few questions from the immigration officer.  Fatima was happy to receive this information well in advance and when she came into the office for the interview preparation, she brought her daughter along with her so Kim was able to ask the daughter some questions to prep her.

Stephen Antwine answered all of Fatima’s questions for him about the upcoming adjustment of status interview and assuaged her fears regarding what questions the immigration official may choose to ask.  Fatima left the preparation session with our office confident that day.

Kim Keenen called her a few days before the interview to see how she was feeling and to answer any further questions she had.  Finally, by the day of the interview, Fatima felt she was ready for any question the officer might ask and so was her daughter.  Fatima’s application for legal permanent residency was approved the day following the interview!  As soon as Fatima found out, she called the office and thanked Kim and Stephen for all of their hard work on her case.  Fatima also called later that same week to say a personal thank you to the attorney Jay Bagia, firm owner.

As is true with many of our clients, there was a whole team of people who worked under the guidance and leadership of attorney Stephen Antwine on the case to achieve the success that took Fatima from just an alien who had overstayed her visa to a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States.