Sometimes you just have to be tireless…..

It has been a rewarding and satisfying month.  I have three clients who have been pursuing their permanent resident status (green card) for the last 8 to 12 years.  I can happily report that two people are now lawful permanent residents of the United States and the other person should soon see the end to their journey as well.  I must commend all of these people for their dogged persistence to see their cases through to the end.  I’m sure that throughout the years they all, from time to time, felt like their situation was hopeless.  Each of these three people had very complicated and multifaceted cases.  Their stories are far too complex to summarize in a brief few sentences on a web page — just suffice it to say that no matter your individual circumstances it is important to consult with an experienced immigration attorney.  Each of these three people had other counsel prior to coming to Bagia & Associates but their cases were never resolved.  For me, It is a collaborative effort between the client and attorney.  By working together we were able to achieve, what seemed like, the impossible.  More importantly, these people stuck it out and never gave up.

Shelley Grant, Esq