From an Order of Removal to a Green Card

When Jose came to our firm, he had just received an Order of Removal from the United States.  He had missed a hearing in Immigration Court due to wrong information from his prior attorney.

Attorney Shelley Grant was able to get Jose’s case reopened in Immigration Court.  Following a hearing, the Immigration Judge Administratively Closed Jose’s case so that he could pursue a provisional waiver for his unlawful presence in the United States.  Our office worked closely with Jose and his wife to show the extreme hardship she would suffer without him here to provide financially and to care for their family.  

Jose’s waiver was approved by USCIS, his case was terminated from Immigration Court, and he flew to Mexico for an Immigrant Visa interview.

Jose returned from Mexico and entered the United States as a Lawful Permanent Resident.  On a recent visit to the office he reminisced with Christopher, the paralegal who assisted on his case.  He shared stories from the journey he has been on over the past few years with our office.  He also offered a big “thank you” to everyone at the office who worked on his case.  As is true with many of our clients, there was a whole team of people who worked under the guidance and leadership of attorney Shelley Grant on the case to achieve the success that took Jose from an Order of Removal to a Green Card.