Bagia and Associates, P.C. assists individuals who are trying to become United States citizens through the process of naturalization. There are many benefits in becoming a US citizen such as the right to vote and protection from deportation in most instances.

The rules and regulations pertaining to eligibility for naturalization are very complex, especially when a person has a criminal history. We will conduct an in depth evaluation of your case and provide an honest assessment as to whether you are eligible for naturalization. If you are eligible, we will prepare all necessary forms and attend the naturalization interview with you to help preserve your rights.

Generally speaking, a person must first be a lawful permanent resident of the United States for five years in order to be eligible for naturalization. A person who is married to a US citizen and remains living with their US citizen spouse only needs to have their green card for three years before being eligible for naturalization. The naturalization application can be filed 90 days prior to the person’s eligibility date as explained above.

In order to become a US citizen through naturalization, an individual must declare an oath of allegiance to the United States. In some circumstances, a person has to forfeit their prior citizenship in order to become a US citizen. An applicant for naturalization must demonstrate at an interview before a USCIS officer an ability to read, write and speak English as well as a basic understanding of US history and civics.

It is essential that you have an honest and competent immigration lawyer assist you in becoming a US citizen through naturalization. Our lawyers will guide you through the process and make your dream of becoming a US citizen a reality.