Immigrant Reform News: Texas Judge Stops State from Using Detention Center for Childcare Facility

A June 2 Latin Post story by Glenn Minnis explained a Texas judge’s ruling that officials from the state’s Department of Family and Protective Services cannot license an immigration detention center as a childcare facility.

Judge Karin Crump pointed out that the facility’s current license allows authorities to allow mixed gender detainees to room together and occasionally forces young children to room with adult strangers. As recently as just last month, a mother who had escaped death and rape threats in her native country of El Salvador claimed her daughter was molested at the center by another female.

Before Judge Crump issued a verdict, witnesses explained to the court the act of detaining children for long periods was detrimental to their health. The case will proceed to a full trial in about 3 months. Please feel free to check back to our website for updates on this case.