Expansion of Provisional Waiver for Unlawful Presence

USCIS announced today that effective August 29, 2016 the Provisional Waiver for Unlawful Presence will be expanded to include those people who not only have a U.S. Citizen spouse or parent but will now include persons who have a lawful permanent resident spouse or parent(s) as a qualifying relative.  The expansion of the rule will include people who have family-based petitions that are current as well as employment-based petitions that are current.  Even persons selected in the diversity lottery may benefit.  In some instances, people with final orders of deportation may also qualify.  There are many rules associated with the ability to benefit from this new rule.  You need to contact a qualified and knowledgeable immigration attorney who can determine whether or not you qualify for the expanded provisional waiver.  As with any new rule there are many immigration scammers who will take advantage of this opportunity and cause irreparable harm to you and your family.  Our office is prepared to assess your particular situation with you in detail to determine if you meet the criteria for the expanded provisional waiver.  Contact us today at 215-922-5354 for an in-depth consultation.