DHS Alters Position on Family Residential Centers

On June 24, 2015, DHS announced additional revisions to its policy on family detention centers. According to Jeh Johnson, senior immigration officials presented a plan “to offer release with an appropriate monetary bond or other conditions of release to families at residential centers who are successful in stating a case of credible or reasonable fear of persecution in their home countries.” Moreover, establishing a family’s bond amount will be done at a reasonable level “taking into account ability to pay, while also encompassing risk of flight and public safety.”

Moreover, USCIS has been empowered to conduct credible fear and reasonable fear interviews within a reasonable timeframe. DHS has stated that ICE officials will be responsible for verifying address and other contact information for those released, so that the individuals can be effectively monitored during their release. The release of families will also allow them to receive education about their rights and responsibilities while on release.

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