Collaboration between criminal and immigration counsel results in successful outcome.

When John (not real name) a long-time lawful permanent resident was placed in immigration custody as a result of past and pending criminal drug charges – he faced the very real possibility that he would be deported from the United States. John had made the United States his home for almost 20 years. His entire family – parents, siblings, common-law spouse and children – all lived in the United States. There was no one to return to back in his birth country.

On the immigration side, Shelley Grant, Esq. pursued the defense of cancellation of removal for a lawful permanent resident. However, because there were pending criminal drug charges it was necessary to bring in the expertise of Amato Sanita, Esq. an experienced criminal attorney. Both attorneys were fully aware that if John was convicted of the pending drug charges he would fact certain deportation.

Both attorneys worked aggressively to ensure a positive outcome for John. On the morning of John’s immigration hearing before the immigration court in York, Pennsylvania Mr. Sanita successfully obtained a dismissal of all pending criminal charges. After a long and difficult immigration trial the Immigration Judge granted John cancellation of removal which waives John’s past criminal convictions and allows him to remain a lawful permanent resident. John was released immediately from immigration custody and has reunited with his family.