Another Changed Life

I am often asked what is the best part of being an immigration attorney.  The best part is knowing I have changed someone’s life.  Michelle explains it better than I could ever explain it…….

Dear Shelley,

I am alive in the fullest sense of the word after 33 odd years of having no legal status in the United States.  I am now a legal permanent resident and I have you, Chris and the rest of your staff to thank for that.  You can only imagine going somewhere and being asked for ID…first I get that sick feeling in my stomach of being turned away…churning…nausea…not being able to even turn out for my son’s games because I do not have any ID.  You have no idea the elation of knowing that, that is not part of my life anymore.  There is not enough kudos in the world I can extend to you all…you guys were the ones who did this….I am alive.  And like a once hesitant turtle I can now stick my head out with confidence …and in this way…with your help I am able to be the definition of and representative of “good/honest immigrants who do not always make the right decisions but are able to understand this and try to make amends”…who want to really make amends.

Thank You…Always…

Michelle Holder