A Grateful New Citizen

I met with Jay Bagia regarding a request for evidence that was issued to me after my naturalization interview–I had attended the first interview without a lawyer. Mr. Bagia provided an assessment of my case which was about a specialized tax issue. After an extensive discussion with him, I hired Bagia & Associates to help me resolve the matter.

The attorneys at Bagia & Associates worked with me and my accountant to gather the necessary information to present to immigration. In addition to the document gathering, an attorney met with me to prepare a statement about my tax payments. The attorneys then prepared a letter to immigration detailing the errors that the immigration officer made in issuing the request for evidence in the first place! With the help of the attorneys, my citizenship was quickly approved.

Even after my citizenship was approved, I had some follow-up questions. The attorneys at the firm answered my questions and followed-up with email. I cannot thank them enough for their help.

-Mehul Parmar