A Beautiful Life Together

I really have to say that Bagia & Associates changed my life. When I came to them, my husband had no legal status in the United States and we were hesitant to move forward with our life plans knowing that his future in this country was uncertain. It was really hard knowing we had such a wonderful, unique relationship but in a less than ideal situation.

We were referred to Mr. Bagia through more than one friend who had successfully obtained legal status in the United States using his services. Seeing other people we personally knew have success with Mr Bagia, we decided to trust him with our case. From the moment I met with Mr. Bagia for a consultation, I finally had hope for our future. I felt like it was all going to be okay. Mr. Bagia was able to explain the Immigration process in language that was clear and easy to understand, pausing to make sure I was following him. I liked how thorough and concise he was. We were always treated with the utmost respect and compassion. Mr. Bagia and his staff were always honest about the long time-frames for the processing of my husband’s immigration applications, but they were also so supportive in each step along the way.

When the Immigration officers asked for extra evidence in Edin’s case and I became terribly concerned about the outcome of the case, the team at Bagia & Associates guided us with a clear understanding of each document that we needed to show to Immigration. And I felt empowered knowing there were concrete things I could provide as proof.

Now, we have such a beautiful life together! Edin has his Green Card and we are expecting our second child very soon. We no longer live in fear of what tomorrow could bring. Our family is able to grow solidly and securely here. We could not have been in such a fortunate position if it weren’t for Bagia & Associates. I will forever be grateful for the work they have done, allowing my family to grow on stable ground.

Now when we see them, it’s like seeing old friends or family members who have helped us through and battled on our behalf in one of the roughest times of our life. We have already recommend our friends and family to Mr. Bagia. They are currently working with him and we are hopeful and excited for their futures.

-Monica and Edin

Monica and Edin